Welcome to Hunter Valley Water Users Association

Hunter Valley Water Users Association is made up of productive water users across the Greater Hunter.

We represent the interests of our members when water policy issues arise. This includes:

  • raising emerging issues with water agencies;

  • participating in industry forums;

  • meeting with water agencies and state politicians; and

  • providing submissions to government enquiries that are shaped by the views of our members.

Our advocacy efforts have contributed to:

  • improved cease-to-pump and tidal pump triggers in the Hunter WSP;

  • acknowledgement of metering compliance barriers affecting Hunter water users by government, departments, and water agencies; and

  • shaping water agency projects such as pricing proposals, water infrastructure projects, and water for firefighting preparedness.    

We encourage all water users in the Greater Hunter region to join HVWUA to be informed about their rights and obligations, participate in decision-making processes, and contribute to the future of our region.

Our Vision:

To ensure the future of water use and industry, including agriculture, in the Greater Hunter region by supporting the sustainable and productive use of water resources.

Our Mission:

  • Secure, protect and enhance water rights for water users;

  • Advocate for best practice water policy for our region; and

  • Encourage industry profitability and sustainability.

Heading into 2024…

While we achieved much in 2023, this year promises to be another busy year in the water policy space. Thank you to our members for your ongoing financial support and engagement in our advocacy efforts.

New South Wales Irrigators’ Council

HVWUA is a member of the New South Wales Irrigators’ Council. Your membership with HVWUA helps this partnership to continue.

Please consider becoming a member of HVWUA and paying the NSWIC annual levy so that we can keep our voice strong to government.

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